Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nothing is free

I did not think that I would have to keep tabs on what people do, but shit, people seem to keep tabs on me regularly. Apparently a favor is never free. Either everything is thrown in your face at some point or another, people forget what you do for THEM or they conveniently forget about something previously agreed to.

I can't handle/stand/accept inconsistency.
Unfortunately from this point forth I'll have to keep annoyingly meticulous records of anything and everything anyone I know does for me or on my behalf and vice versa.

I am unbelievably generous with the people I care about in spite of my quirks, pet peeves and germ issues, but when that gets disrespected or people want to act like I never did anything for them, that's it! You are cut the fuck off.

I'm keeping tabs now, bitches. Oh and favors are no longer policy. If one is needed, best believe the shit costs.

"Oh you need something from me? Remember that time when I needed something from you and you gave me bullshit? Right back at ya."

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