Sunday, May 17, 2009


i haven't written here in a while, mainly b/c a lot of shit has gone down in my life (which i think deserves a few independent posts) but i wanted to post my poem.
so i was inspired by my girl and wrote this out as it came to me. i decided to capture it on tape for her so she could really get a sense of delivery. there are a few edits from that one tho, just for polishing. here it is:


see, i'm a woman of few words
i sit quietly and observe
but you
you made me swerve
drunken off your body
got my slurring:

damn girl, you fine

leaving my tongue twisted and tied
like a tie-dyed shirt
you in a skirt?
colors swirling
brain twirling
everything's blurring

DAMN girl, you fine

see, i'm hard-pressed to
fine someone who's
impressed me
with those curves
from your lips to your hips
and those thighs and those eyes
yea they're corny lines

damn girl! you fine!

what a wonderful entry, awakening
my heart's sentry
at my side
open my eyes wide in the morning and
as the bee's prize:
the sweet honey, secret in their mines
their life lines
to protect it

like I
protect you

not cuz you're a dime
not cuz you're divine (in my eyes)


it's cuz you're mine

(and damn girl... you FINE!)

©2009 R.S. Medina

Thursday, May 14, 2009


that there's no one i'd rather be with than her. i could wake up to her next to me forever. i don't care what the implications are behind that statement - it's what i feel and it's the truth.